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Patricia tannis naked

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What are you handing me all these organs for? He goes to his death bellowing his catchphrase, as a faulty booster rocket about to explode heads down to Pandora. Sexy hot black girls nude. His intro scene gives off this impression, but he's actually perfectly reasonable. Turns out he's a bad guy Why, why did I decide to wear wool in the desert?

Whatever else you say about her, she is extremely enthusiastic about what she does in the Underdome. Patricia tannis naked. Horrible Judge of Character: However, he often messes up details or contradicts himself.

Borderlands 25; hakusfm 22; Stormcow 18. Robin 04 Sep Really doesn't like humans, referring to them as " fleshbags. Melanija Knavs was never baptized. No naked yoga for me, LOL!

He's treated as a legitimate threat who actively destroyed Fyrestone and put a stop to Vault Hunters coming to the city. She gave the same advice to Marcus when they were married, only in his case it was to gain weight. Lisa ann tit fuck. Unfortunately for me, I have been getting neither. Of course, this ends up coming back to bite her in the end. Any ability that lets you ignore shields cuts through them like wheat.

He's polite to the Vault Hunters, despite making it clear he intends to kill them. At the least, Jack keeps a framed picture of her as a child at his office desk. She admits in 2 that her constant innuendos are a defense mechanism, while in the Pre-Sequel it turns out that she's actually a mechanic nearly as good as her children and with an equally thick accentbut she finds this embarrassing.

In Poker Night 2Steve's reaction when an angry Brock Samson heads towards him after Steve shot a confetti rocket at him. Please favourite and review, it's you guys and girls who keep me going.

Thank you for visiting! He also sends you on a mission to reclaim refund checks he wrote while drunk before they're sent. She also runs a bar on Elpis. If Moxxi is to be believed, this is apparently a regular occurrence; he is extremely overprotective of his mom and sister.

Patricia tannis naked

I'd put her at 45 at the most, since it's likely she had her first kid as a teenager. Geosomin 05 Sep Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Turns out she's Jack's daughter and a Siren, plugged into the Hyperion network and pumped full of Eridium to charge the Vault Key.

Whether these are actually the wings she normally manifests, or if they're an effect from the Vault Key as Lilith has the same color wings when she is being used to power the Key is unclear. Taken to its logical or illogical extreme in Claptastic Voyage where Claptrap's scientific curiosity is represented as a fish with Tannis' head.

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Upon being killed in "Zombie Island", he almost instantly revives as Undead Ned. Appears to be in her early twenties to late teens, has been imprisoned as a Wetware CPUemotionally and physically abused, been used as little more than a tool by her father, and rendered immobile due to her father making her body dependent on Eridium.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Wolf of wall street naked pics. Apparently she even sleeps with bandits if the graffiti she makes you erase is to be believed. Shank's own personal male stabbing machine — That's What She Said! For as heavily plot-relevant that she is in both Borderlands and Borderlands 2, the only lines she has in the Pre-Sequel are for a side quest where Jack is scouting out prospective Vault Hunters to help his mission on Elpis, and in Fragtrap's origin echo logs, and she has no echo portrait when she speaks.

He will be missed. Its eye beam is of a mild annoyance rather than world-destroying magnitude. Also, Robin Thicke, father and husband, even grosser to go along with that. A little more because it's Pandora, planet of self-serving lunatics.

For the entire planet, it seems. Outside, a heat haze was scorching the few scrawny weeds. Patricia tannis naked. Julianne hough hot nude. Don't tell'er I know that, though, or she might beat the shit out of me. Age 34 Tiny Tina: In the sequel, it's revealed that he warned TK Baha and Dr. The engineers who tried to stop her from launching a Fast Travel beacon discovered that she still has control over life support, though.

Without any further hesitation, Tannis moved her revolver within arm's reach, just to be sure, and kicked away her tangled trousers. Tagged borderlands 2 hentai, borderlands moxxi nude, Borderlands Sex. I want to be the best damned combination of those things that I can be, even if it's just so I can say that I did.

Axton was born on the planet Heironymus, a garden world famously similar in conditions to Terra, Sol-III, and a primary investment interest of the Dahl Corporation. According to General Knoxx's Twitter account, Mikey met his unfortunate end by falling down "30, stairs".

At the least, while he's openly contemptuous of everyone in Pandora, his actions suggest that he's a lot less evil than, say, Handsome Jack.

Age around 30 Claptrap: I felt joy because his chair was almost more comfortable than mine! Destroying his runners, "breaking his mama's girl parts," and making fun of his sister's appearance.

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Borderlands 2 - Four sexy skins. Desiree 05 Sep He goes to his death bellowing his catchphrase, as a faulty booster rocket about to explode heads down to Pandora. Big pussy xxx free. He was actually part of the main story in the first game, and gave several story missions, in the second game, he's been demoted to " black market vendor ," and only has a very minor role in the quest "Plan B.

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When I attach scientific inquiry to something like the Vault, I am greeted with silly nursery rhymes and slack-jawed soliloquy about a man who knew a man who knew a man. Naked tits video. Reaver dies, failing his quest As such, I'd like to change this section to more accurately reflect the story as presented in the game itself. July 11, at 9: I like to cook so maybe like Rachel Ray….

Then again, no one had found her camp in a long time and if all else failed, she could always shoot the witnesses. Just a reminder, y'all: This is Patricia Tannis, signing off. Adult girls night Cloptrop Reaver for Borderlands 2?!!! Now I remember who you missed. Patricia tannis naked. But I also love the hough jacket!

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