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Kagome got a bit bolder and allowed the tip of her index finger to slip between her moist folds. Kagome moves away from him. Sexy japanese girl fucked. Kagome inuyasha naked. Inuyasha's eye traveled her nearly naked body. All works displayed here, whether pictorial or literary, are the property of their owners and not Adult-FanFiction.

She knew it meant that he didn't want her to leave, plus it kind of turned her on. Inuyasha's smoldering golden gaze caused Kagome to lean up and kiss him, lovingly this time. When Inuyasha cried because he thought Kagome died. He kept up his speed and Kagome smiled into his chest. Kagome and Sango bathing in a hot spring in episode Opinions stated in profiles of users may not reflect the opinions or views of Adult-FanFiction. He can't rush this pleasure… he wasn't sure if he would ever be able to do it again.

As his amber eyes roamed over her still glowing body from the after shocks of her orgasm he decided he could wait to tell her that she was most likely carrying his child. Cute hot korean girl fucking. Doggie style was certainly something he could give his Kagome. I cant get the one where he is in the box!!!

Click here to disable ads! Inuyasha pulled on Kagome's bra. Kagome carefully ran the palms of her hands over the slopes of her breasts making her nipples harden. I walked over to you; you were so handsome just sleeping there.

She bit on her lower lip to silence the huge moan that was begging to escape as she approached her climax. The water beading and rolling slowly off his beautiful bronzed skin. Kagome sticking her hands out of the water.

He skipped the foreplay knowing, from watching her activities earlier that she was already warmed up. Who needs him anyway? One afternoon, when Kagome is immersed in a good book He kissed her on the cheek. Kagome dropped her pack next to her desk and flung her aching body onto her bed.

Kagome freaking out from Inuyasha coming in.

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Kagome comes home from Feudal Japan after having a fight with Inuyasha.

Miroku stares at her breasts and notices she has a large shard of the Shikon no Tama. Sexy girls in stockings and high heels. May x-x Narkik Weekend: Kagome blinked and felt the hot tears that had brimming in her eyes spill out and trickle down her cheeks.

She is on her bed and is squirming around in pleasure, having already knocked her pillows onto the floor and causeing the fitted sheet of her bed to slide off. Do you understand me? She let out a small almost silent moan. I do not own Inuyasha. He was on top of her now, with his arms keeping her pinned to the bed. A smile formed on her soft features and she closes her eyes, attempting to recall the first day she met Inuyasha.

Kagome moves further away from Inuyasha. Inuyasha smiled a dumb looking smile at her. Kagome inuyasha naked. He kissed her newly exposed skin. He forces Kagome to turn and look at him. Nude tv uncensored. She started to read the books she brought with her so she could stay close to home in a way. Kagome and Sango talking in the bath.

The fact that Kagome wanted him too, he could smell her arousal, made his hunger way more intense. She took one last look around the clearing hoping to catch a glimpse of the very same hanyou that had infuriated her and nearly brought her to tears. With her window open Kagome laid down on her bed, with a slight glisten of water on her skin and moisture still clinging to her hair. Inuyasha- get naked Share Collapse.

She walks over to her closet leaving Inuyasha on the floor, she reaches up into the closet to pull out a pair of jeans, and Inuyasha's hand stops her. She drew in a long breath before allowing her fingertips to gently float across the heated silky flesh of her core. He has to taste her; he has to cause this woman to scream out in pain.

Kagome was unable to respond, so close to cumming and clinging to her sheets and biting her lips trying to suppress the noises that were begging to fall off her lips.

Inuyasha starts to bud in. Hot naked rugby players. She screams, sending InuYasha to her aid but she hits him on the head with a rock for peeking. Kagome slumped back down into her desk chair; in frustration she slams her forehead into her desk because she is attempting to shake the disappointment from her brain.

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Inuyasha starts grinding his manhood into her hot spot, causing her to moan and pull angrily at his clothes. Kagome giggled again, Inuyasha's kisses really tickled.

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