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Ikki tousen kanu naked

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For good reason, too. The girls will be busts and above for the artists convenience and can be done as a single or panelised as they wish.

She was an original character created for the anime. Fucking milf doggy. Ryofu used to protect her when they were little girls.

Ikki tousen kanu naked

When she uses it on Kan'u, her vision is so disturbing that she has a Freak Out. Ikki tousen kanu naked. This user name exists. No, she can't fight as well as the others unless we bring up her Dragon. Enter the current email address you have registered in your profile. While Hakufu's a bonafide fighter, she's a very cheerful and energetic girl who gets along well with others. Ryofu wears a pair of light green panties. Shoukatsuryou Koumei Zhuge Liang Voiced by: Was so horribly bullied as a little girl that she grew embittered with the world.

Especially when it concerns Liu Bei's happiness and welfare. Big round white tits. A young girl who appears to harbor a dragon herself. They work on missions together for Totaku to kill Hakufu. Each contributor MUST cast 50 votes to have their girl done, anything less will be declined and your votes will be considered as a tip to the chosen artist.

For more information on how to comment, head to comment guidelines. She believes her destiny is to die protecting Ryuubi. Quote Flag for deletion. A klutzy, ditzy, bespectacled bookworm with seemingly no combat skills.

Voluntarily jumps off a cliff so that Ryofu can't kill him. Her skin is darker than most of the cast, but it's unclear if it's a natural tan either. Kakuka Houkou Guo Jia Voiced by: With Ryoumou and Saji, before things got worse for him. Hers is the only way to placate Sousou's Superpowered Evil Side. She smiles before her death in both the manga as well as Great Guardians. Kara bare naked. Sonsaku Hakufu Sun Ce Voiced by: Lets make this interesting and see how far we can go!

She believes that conflicts can be resolved without the use of fighting and bloodshed. Kaku Bunwa Jia Xu Voiced by: She has recently joined the Nanyo gang with the intention of helping them beat Sousou. That includes you, Hakufu. She's too innocent to even think about doing something evil.

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Kakouton Genjou Xiahou Dun Voiced by: Clothing is torn appropriately school uniformshe's moaning.

Dark Is Not Evil: A very close friend to Ryofu. Nude women with shaved pussy. Hakufu's widowed, extremely promiscuous and flirtatious mother. She still has the evil chi contained inside her, and it appears on her body as a skull-like mark and is slowly creeping up to her heart.

Again, only appears in the games - this time in Eloquent Fist. In his first appearance, he manages to give Hakufu a run for her money granted, Saji had stolen her magatama a few moments earlierbut later he only serves as cannon fodder.

In the anime, she dies right after being raped and beaten within an inch of her life. Yes, the Ikkitousen girls are very big. Averted in season one, where both eyes were visible. She gets revived in Great Guardians Back for the Dead: She wears thigh-high stockings. He gets better, then he gets attacked. Implied, since she gets out of her wheelchair and stars running around in the season finale, though it's not clear if she was always faking or if it was because she was being used as a Soul Jar at that point.

By the time of Great Guardiansher memories are erased. Anushka hot naked. She has long raven hair and has a serious personality. Ikki tousen kanu naked. She has one of the largest breasts among all of the other girls. Her Weapon of Choice is a pair of tonfas Potty Failure: Thou Shalt Not Kill: Her fight against Kakouton and Sousou was laden with Panty Shotsas usual. The mysterious woman who first appears in Great Guardiansher face covered with a hood. Perhaps it's just really good. This only happens once in the anime, when Ryomou is strangling her in the second episode.

Kada Genka Hua Tuo Voiced by: It's implied that they have been friends since childhood. U of m naked mile. Please make sure we get a view of both girls' entire bodies. Kanu Unchou ikkitousen in a blowbang, cum over hair,chest, face.

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It's hinted that the only one who ever tried to stand up for her was Chuubou. The strategist of Kyosho Academy and arch-nemesis of Koumei. X women naked. Explain concisely why a post should be deleted. She needs to be this. Lesbian werewolf porn The talented doctor living near Hakufu's place. Says this whenever she's horribly pissed off. Her long hair reaches down to her waist.

This only happens once in the anime, when Ryomou is strangling her in the second episode. In the anime, she has blue hair. Ikki tousen kanu naked. Toutaku Chuuhei Dong Zhuo Voiced by: To create a new account, enter the name and password you want to use. Perfect nude mature women. DeadSpace almost 8 years ago. Ryomou Shimei Lu Meng Voiced by:

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